Pressed Piers

Keeping your foundation in optimal condition is important for the safety and integrity of your building. Also, it is nice knowing that your building or property is on a stable surface that will be able to keep the building and all of its contents safe. Not to mention, a stable foundation is necessary for safety standards and protocols. Therefore, you are going to want to work with a team of professionals who understands the importance of following these safety standards, and how to properly execute all of the tasks associated with it. Working with Lake Charles Foundation Repair guarantees all of these precautions and steps of mitigation are taken.

Re-Pressing Piers

Sometimes when you are experiencing a foundation crack or settling problems in general, you just need a team of dedicated professionals to come by and take care of applying more force and putting your pressed piers into the correct place. Putting the pressed piers back into place is important to maintain a level foundation and to ensure your building is going to remain safe for many years to come. Do not let this issue go unattended. Instead let our team come and assess the issue. We can identify timelines, budgets, and other concerns you may have. These insights will ensure that you make the right foundation choice.


In certain circumstances, it may be necessary that the team here at Lake Charles Foundation Repair conducts some upgrades for your pressed pier foundation. We are eager to provide thee upgrades for you because it is going to result in a more stable and reliable foundation. Not to mention, the upgrades are not going to be overly expensive. We are able to guarantee our affordable prices because we have reliable and trustworthy business partnerships that we have been able to rely on for many years. Since we are consistent and reliable customers for these service providers, we regularly receive discounts, and that means more affordable prices for you as well.

Fixing Destabilization

When your pressed pier foundation is out of whack, there are a lot of circumstances that you are going to want to consider when finding a solution. However, you do not need to take on this burden when you trust the team here at Lake Charles Foundation Repair. We can assess the issue, provide a solution, and answer any and all of your questions. This system we have in place guarantees that you are not going to have any stress when you work with us. This is some really great news considering some foundation issues can sometimes be concerning. Not to worry though, you are going to be in good hands with us.

Ideal Outcomes

Upon project completion, you are going to have the ideal outcome for your pressed piers and overall quality of your foundation. Firstly, the cost of fixing foundation is very affordable when you trust the team here at Lake Charles Foundation Repair. Also, you are going to be impressed with our ability to do all of this work with absolute minimal disturbance for you and your property. This is great news, especially if you have a child who needs to nap during the day or if you want to continue operating your business as per usual. When you trust Lake Charles Foundation Repair, you always get the ideal outcomes. Find out much more details about us.