Foundation Repair & House Leveling in Clear Lake TX


When you have a building or a property, a fundamental component of that space is that it is stable and secure on the ground that it stands. The ground that the building stands on is its foundation, and when there are issues or damages that have incurred you are going to need to call a leading team of foundation repair experts to get things optimal again. That is when you are going to want to call our team here at Lake Charles Foundation Repair. We have been working in the foundation industry for many years, and we are excited to deliver the best possible outcomes for your foundation repair needs.

Not to mention, we always work with a priority to follow your timelines and to respect your budget. Overall, we are the perfect foundation repair provider!

About Us

We started out a small company that provided easy foundation solutions for our friends and family. In time though, we realized that the community needed a knowledgeable and dependable team of foundation repair specialists who could offer affordable solutions for all of your foundation needs. Unlike other foundation repair companies in the area, our team underwent extensive training, and over the years we have been able to do many projects. All of these projects have given us experiences that now qualify us as specialists for all of your foundation needs. Therefore, we are confident that no matter what your foundation needs are, you are going to be happy with our team and our ability to provide a solution.

​Our services have been developed to meet all of your needs. In addition to the technical aspects of all of these services, you can be rest assured that you will always receive informative and timely updates about the status of your foundation. Not to mention, we will regularly consult with you regarding time frames and budgets. Afterall, we need to remain respectful of your needs while also providing the most outstanding foundation repairs imaginable.

Concrete Slab Repair

Concrete slab repair is an easy and straight forward process when you work with Lake Charles Foundation Repair. We are able to provide repairs quickly and easily. This is because the nature of concrete slab foundation enables easy access to different areas of the foundation for repairs or replacements.

Pier and Beam Repair

When it comes to your foundation, you are not going to want to take manners into your own hands. In fact, you are going to want to call the team of professionals here at Lake Charles Foundation Repair to handle all potential issues and hazards. When you trust us with these services, you are going to be at complete ease knowing that you are in good hands.

“In my search for foundation companies near me, I needed to ensure I hired a team of foundation repair specialists. I did not want to have to fix foundation problems myself, but I also did not have an expensive cost of fixing foundation from a foundation repair contractor company. Luckily though, I was able to find Lake Charles Foundation Repair. They offered crack concrete foundation repair which was perfect for my slab repair needs. They also did some block and base work for me which was much appreciated. Not to mention, I did not realize I had settling problems, but they sorted that settlement repair for me too! They really are the best top affordable foundation repair services.” – Tyler J.


House Lifting

House lifting has never been easier when you trust the team here at Lake Charles Foundation Repair to provide solutions for you. In fact, we are able to provide solutions for you that are so affordable and timely that you are not even going to notice we were there. We are proud that are services are this affordable and non-disruptive!

Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial foundation repair is a job that you are going to want to leave to the professionals here at Lake Charles Foundation Repair. We have a large team of professionals and a well-equipped fleet ready to jump on any size foundation project that you may have. Not to mention, commercial foundation is a task that can be broken down into smaller tasks. We are happy to compartmentalize these tasks so you do not experience a large disruption to your daily tasks at your commercial property.

“I knew I needed some foundation repair services, or maybe some foundation leveling services for my foundation problems. The crawl space foundation was becoming an issue in my home, and in general, the floor leveling seemed a bit off. However, I called the foundation repair experts at Lake Charles Foundation Repair and they offered service for leveling my foundation and for leveling my house at an affordable rate. I was impressed by their proposed foundation settle repair costs, so I scheduled them in the next week. Thank goodness, I did, because that gave them time for some house raising for me too” – Millie S.


House Leveling

House leveling can seem like a daunting and intimidating task or project to have done to your property. And we here at Lake Charles Foundation Repair agree that is can be a risky task if you do not trust the right team of professionals. However, we know that if you decide to work with us, all of your house leveling needs will me met in a timely, effective, and affordable manner.

Pressed Piers

Pressed piers that are compromising the quality of your foundation are not going to be your concern for much longer. Just call our team of specialists here at Lake Charles Foundation Repair, and we can come by for an assessment and price consultation. Also, when we provide you with a solution, you are going to be highly satisfied with the high level of informed and skillful solutions that we provide

“As I was reading through foundation repair reviews, I was happy Lake Charles Foundation Repair offered free foundation inspection estimates. I had some cracked slab and concrete slab leveling issues, so I needed to ensure I hired a team with reliable and reputable foundation repair methods. I was so impressed with their service though! I am now confident I will not to deal with structural damage repairs in the future. Make sure you trust this team for all your house leveling or foundation floor crack repair needs.”- Tim R.

Contact Us

When you decide it is time to reach out to the team here at Lake Charles Foundation Repair for all of your foundation cracks and pier and beam foundation repair needs, you are going to be impressed by our outstanding level of customer service. Repairing concrete cracks and other foundation issues are going to be effortless for you. This is because you are trusting the caring and knowledgeable team of the reputable concrete and foundation specialists here at Lake Charles Foundation Repair.